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Our Guaranteed Services

The primary service we provide is giving you peace of mind in the face of a possible termite infestation. Under that umbrella of care, we have a number of ways we deliver.

First off, FREE Termite Inspections!

All our inspectors are qualified and capable of noticing the warning signs -- even signs that aren’t immediately noticeable -- upon initial review of your structure and surrounding property. We’ll check out every possible infestation zone -- multiple levels of your home, attic, basement -- as well as any brush, discarded wood, and foundational warning signs. Once the property has been thoroughly inspected, you’ll get a free written estimate so you can know exactly what to expect once the work begins.

We Provide Local Treatments

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) works to ensure that companies conduct business in a manner that respects our world. As such, EPA-approved techniques for termite control are important to us, and that’s all we will use for local treatments of your home or building. Furthermore, we strive to make the process non-invasive by offering convenient scheduling options that work around your schedule. And when targeting specific areas of the home for treatment, you won’t even have to leave the property!


For large jobs like drywood termite fumigation, we use all the proper tenting procedures to seal off your home so that our fumigants can concentrate their effects to any affected area of your home, eradicating large infestations in the process. The chemicals we use continue to adhere to the EPA standard so the ozone is not harmed in the process, and no job is too large for us to accommodate. As with our local treatment options, scheduling works around you.

Termite Control and Prevention

After the problem has been removed, we can also give you ongoing guidance for how to prevent further termite issues as well as basic maintenance info that will ensure your home or building emerges a stronger structure free from the ravages of infestation. We can also make sure the structure gets the return inspections and follow-ups necessary to catch problems before they develop.

Structural Repair

Because termites can cause significant damage to a structure if left undetected for too long, we also help with repairs! We offer licensed contractors that can quickly and properly repair your home or business, using only the highest quality materials. Our contractors are fully licensed and bonded, so you know you’re getting top-quality, professional care every step of the way.

Last But Not Least, Escrow Clearances!

We use only licensed termite inspectors, whose word is final when it comes to escrow clearance. In addition to having the knowledge and experience, they also provide you with official proof of inspection upon completion, so your structure will always inspire confidence.

Above all, we recognize that needs are different, and we’re prepared to handle anything related to your termite issues. Contact Us today and let us know what your needs are.