Laguna Hills

Termite Control in Laguna Hills, CA

Protect your home from structural damage at the hands of termites with termite control services from Consumer Termite Control, Inc., in Laguna Hills, CA. Our mission is to keep you, your home, and your family safe and to provide you with peace of mind.

How We Deliver

Unlike most pest companies, we are a termite company, which means that we only specialize in issues surrounding termite infestations. We provide everything to ensure your safety from termites, starting with our free termite inspections. We provide a thorough inspection of your entire home, from attic to basement, and we do it at absolutely no cost to you. We even provide a free written estimate.

Depending on the extent of your infestation, we offer local termite treatments as well as fumigation. In both cases, our chemicals meet EPA standards, so you don’t have to worry about our treatment’s effect on the environment.

Once the termites are gone, we can give you guidance on how to avoid their return. We even offer follow-up inspections to make sure the problem is gone for good.

If the infestation was bad enough to cause damages, we also have licensed contractors to assist with structural repair.

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